A simple web app and around 15 minutes of your time can make your GitHub Profile stand out. This article also contains a list of resources and tutorials to make your GitHub About Me/Read Me look fancy 😍

You might have already seen articles explaining the ‘secret’ repo with a cool ReadMe feature in GitHub but put off actually creating one. I built an app to do most of the work for you 😃

Table of Contents

  1. Create the ‘secret’ repo with About Me
  2. GitHub About Me/ Profile README Generator
  3. Emojis and GIFS
  4. Visitor Badge
  5. Github Stats
  6. Latest Blog Posts
  7. WakaTime Stats
  8. Social Icons
  9. Inspiration for your ReadMe
  10. Resources
  11. Conclusion

Create the ‘secret’ repo 🔓

  • Go to https://github.com/new to create a new GitHub repository
  • Set your GitHub username as the repository name. My GitHub user name is rahulbanerjee26 therefore my repo name should also be rahulbanerjee26

Life is short, let Python automate your EDA

EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) is one of the first steps performed on a given dataset. It helps us to understand more about our data and gives us an idea of manipulations and cleaning we might have to do. EDA can take anywhere from a few lines to a few hundred lines. In this tutorial, we will look at libraries which help us perform EDA in a few lines


We will use the Titanic Dataset provide by Kaggle. Using Panda’s describe() method, we get the below output

In yesterday’s article, we discussed the following

  • Why you should learn JavaScript
  • How to Run JavaScript/Python and show output
  • Variables
  • Comments

Today, we will talk about the following

  • Conditional Statements
  • Blocks
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Truthy and Falsy Values
  • Ternary Operators
  • Switch Cases

Conditional Statements


Python supports the following

  • if statements
  • else statements
  • elif statements Below is an example
num = 10if num > 20:
print("If statement")
elif num > 10:
print("Elif statement")
print("Else statement")

Let’s try writing the same code snippet in JavaScript


JavaScript supports the following

  • if statements
  • else statements
  • else if statements — else if statements in…

As of today, April 17th, I am on day 28 and although it’s been challenging, I am looking forward to the next 72 days.

My Challenge for the 100 days

  • Code at least for an hour a day
  • Post content every day related to Python, SQL, or programming in general

Why am I doing this?

  • I started writing articles somewhat consistently on Medium in October 2020. I want to be more consistent and build a productive habit
  • Writing an article/ blog post helps me understand concepts better and drives me to learn new things.
  • Increasing online presence

My Stats when I started the challenge

I have worked with JavaScript previously but it’s been almost 3 years since I have written any JavaScript Code. I have mostly been working with Python and I am all for Python. However, there is no denying that JavaScript is everywhere like EVERYWHERE. As I am re-learning JavaScript, I am going to document my experiences, in case anyone is in a similar boat (Learning JavaScript as a Python Developer).

We will be covering the following in this tutorial

  • Why you should learn JavaScript
  • How to Run JavaScript/Python and show output
  • Variables
  • Comments

Why JavaScript?

I have borrowed a Tweet from Danny…

We know the fastest way to combine lists. Today we will try to find the fastest way to combine dictionaries

We will be considering the following ways

  • Using a for loop
  • Using the update() method
  • Using the ChainMap Function
  • Using the unpacking operator
  • Using the pipe operator ( | )
  • Using the (|=) operator

How are we going to measure the performance?

Today we will discuss the assert statement in Python.

Assert statements are a great tool for debugging. Given a boolean condition, they will raise an error if the condition evaluates to False. More specifically, it raises an “AssertionError”. We can also include our custom error messages.

General Syntax

# Without Error message
assert boolean Expression
#With Error message
assert boolean Expression, "Error Message"

Standard If…….else

Let’s assume we have a function that calculates the Mass of an object. The Mass of an object must always be positive. We can have a check to ensure this

def calculate_mass(): # Some stuff to calculate the mass mass = 10 if mass > 0: pass else…

You can use Python to come up with your company’s name and slogan

We will be using the library Faker

Install the library

pip install faker

Now let’s import the library and create an instance of “Faker”

from faker import Faker
fake = Faker()


Seeding ensures that the same set of random data is returned during every run. This is very useful when you want to compare functions or models in the same environment without changes in the dataset.

from faker import Faker
fake = Faker()


Wesley Turner
Charles Hanna
Shannon Walker
Christopher Brennan

Address and Phone Numbers


In yesterday’s article, we talked about getting started with Beautiful Soup. We discussed the following functions

  • pretiffy()
  • find()
  • find_all()
  • select()

Today we will try to scrape the data in the table of the worldometer website

Today, we will be discussing web scraping using Python. We will be using the library Beautiful Soup and Requests to scrape Worldometer’s Covid Tracker. Before we get started with scraping the website, let’s install the required packages.


Some Familiarity with HTML and CSS Selectors

Install Packages

pip install beautifulsoup4, requests

Creating an instance of Beautiful Soup

Beautiful Soup is an HTML parser, i.e if it is given a string with a bunch of HTML code, it can help us extract specific content we need, for example

  • tables
  • lists
  • links
  • text inside a particular section etc

How do we get a string with a bunch of HTML code? We…

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